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Dennis Osaj
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Mantra: I create.

Better hit that watch button. :nod:

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In everything I do, I believe in creating art.
We put imaginary things, pictures out of our mind,
on a blank canva - something physical.

You recently helped me to reach 100 Watchers, 
and I want to take a moment to thank every 
single one of you. 100 people are watching 
my art regulary - I can't even imagine it. I know 
for someone this would sound like little peanuts - 
100 watchers isn't even a number for them, but 
for me it is a milestone.
  I imagine every single one of you, as a valuable
person, who is browsing deviantArt through his 
Computer, Tablet or Mobile Phone and supporting
artists like me.

It took me a long time to accept myself to be 
an artist or that I belong to the creative field - 
I'm not a salesman, merchant or anything else. 
It was a stony way to this realization and there 
were many wrong turn-offs.
  However, 6 months ago I bought a graphic 
tablet and began to draw more often again. 
This was the point I decided to improve my skills.
  For this purpose, I created Minty, a feminine 
character without a complicated outfit or hairstyle, 
begin with the fundamentals: anatomy and color.

But the motivation disappeared, and I start 
procastinating again. I'm sure a lot of you can
relate to, you are starting a drawing and it 
tooks you days or even weeks until you're asking
yourself if the drawing even looks good and you
starts hating it. You will never finish it. Days 
passing without me doing anything productive.
And I was hating myself.
  So I commited me to take my talent and to
sharpen my skills. I will upload one NEW artwork/
sketch EVERY SINGLE DAY, so I have to draw every 
single day. As I'm writing this Journal I'm in my 
third week and the frustation of not knowing what
to draw disappeared. It seems: "So more often I use
my creativity, the creativity is emerging." It's a 
kind of relief to know that I just have to finish one 
artwork every single day to stay on the right path.

So to bring it to the end, I want to thank everyone
of you again for your great support, it's very
motivational. So with this I want to encourage 
everyone to dedicate yourself and start improving.
Start by the fundamentals and learn everything
step-by-step, like Rome isn't build in one day
you wil achieve mastery through hours of hours 
of practice. Let's start the art community to grow

Much love

Note: If you aren't watching me, then you should 
hit that little button. 


Thank you all for your requests all of them are
really cool and I'm excited to draw them all ^-^
Sadly not all 27 "spots" are filled only 6 of you 
took the chance and made a request . . .

And to be fair, all request are closed for now. ^-^
Just like I mentioned in the rules 4 request will
be colored:
  • Samus Aran [Colored]
  • Félicie [Colored]
  • Annabeth Chase [Colored]
  • Fandie (OC of a requester) [Colored]
  • Saiko Yonebayashi
  • General Lytugg


Hey my friends,
may some of you know March is my birth month.
And I'm really gratful for all of your support.
I didn't know how to thank you better than
to give something back.
So for this purpose I'll collect the whole
February your requests, these requests are free, 
means no need to pay for them!
Then I'll start drawing on the first of March,
that also means that the 28th of February is
the last day you can send me in your reqeust.
Because I have a 9 to 5 job and I can't exit for
a whole month, I'm limited in my time. Also my 
way home is very long (more then an hour drive time)
But I'm eager to draw as much as I can.
I will draw and finish one request EVERY DAY.
But note, at the week days I can only finish 
sketches - March got 23 week days. So 23 of you
will get a sketch like drawing - it will have proper
line art, look at my gallery for reference.
But here comes the best: four of you lucky ones
will get a full colorized drawing. I will draw 
EVERY WEEKEND one request. Because it takes me
up to 8 hours, there will only be four.

Because I try to sharpen my skills in a specific 
drawing style and I'm focused to learn how to 
capture the uniqueness of the female nature are 
here some rules for a valid request:

  • only female characters
 • out of a game, anime, manga, comic or film
 • I will not draw realistically
 • no nudity or other sexual content
 • one character per drawing
 • requests only via personal message (Note)
 • if you reupload the image please reffer to
   my dA, fb or instagram account 

May you know ask yourself how you can be one of the
lucky four - in each week of February I will pick
one of the lucky so every one get the same chances
those who read this first and those who read this 
after 3 weeks will have the same chances to get a
full colorized request.

I will post all of you on the 28th of February.
There will be 

 • 23 line art artworks
 • 4 full colored artworks 

Note: This is an exclusive action on deviantArt.


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